Learning about Clouds with Sonic Pics

Cumulus clouds in fair weather. Photograph taken by Michael Jastremski.
Today in first grade we are learning about clouds.  The students have been learning about the different types of clouds and today in tech time we are going to teach them how to use Sonic Pics to create a slide show so they can showcase their knowledge of Clouds.  They have studied Cumulus, Nimbus, Status, and Cirrus clouds.

My Prep Steps:
1. Gather cloud pics, I used an advanced image search and loaded the images onto my hard drive
2. Get the pics to my devices.  I have a class set of 6 iPads, and 6 loaner iPads from the tech department.  In order to push this photo set to all the devices I first created an evernote link holding all the pictures.  I then opened all the iPads I was working on and opened the chirp app on each of them and used the app the send the evernote page to each of the iPads.
3. Open the document and save each of the pictures onto the camera roll
4. Delete the un-needed pics off of the camera roll, this is an attempt to minimize distraction.
5. Verify Sonic Pics is installed.

In Class:
While students are seated on the floor, show them how Sonic Pics works.  They do not have iPads in hand when we are showing them the app.
Be sure to show them:
1. How to add pictures to Sonic Pics
2. How to move from one picture to the next
3. How to record
4. How to stop recording
5. How to delete and start over
6. How to save and send to Camera Roll

We wrote a script on the board for the students to follow:

"This cloud is a ___________ cloud.  It looks like a __________."

The students worked in pairs to plan and record the movie. Here is a link to a sample Sonic Pics.

Here is a sample of a student created video
NOTE: Sonic Pics export seems to be mistimed, I am looking into this.