ThinkWrite Headphones Review

If you want to know what my number one ed tech wish is, close your eyes and listen to second grade learning, and then tell me how to support video creation in that room.
If my former supervisors are reading this they are laughing.  I LOVE noise in the classroom.  I believe it is generated by the friction of learning, like heat from a light.  But even loving the noise, I am challenged when I want them all to make a video.  They ask if they can go some where quiet, but there simply are not enough quiet spaces.
I first tried to solve this problem with REALLY CHEAP ear buds.  Seriously I think we paid 3 dollars per pair.  The mics were ok, but my first grade kids cannot use earbuds, their ears are too small and the ear buds fell out.
At CUE I got a chance to talk with ThinkWrite, and I like the quality of the headphones. This week I had a chance to test them against no mic and the inline earbuds mic.  Check out the 40 second video below and judge for yourself.

I think we will be ordering a "cart set" of the ThinkWrite headphones, while they don't cut the background noise, they do amplify the foreground much more than the other set ups.

I have to admit this video about how tough the headphones are made me laugh!

ThinkWrite did provide the sample headphone for this review