Sketching for #STEAM in Second Grade

Checking in with my second grade team, I discovered they are on the cusp of 3 long experiments about stages of life.  They will be growing beans, hatching chicks, and watching caterpillars become butterflies.
In class, they record daily observations in a science notebook writing a description as well as sketching what they see.
In tech class we got started with Paper and Skitch.  The kids were creating detailed and annotated digital sketch in under 30 minutes.
To prep for this I loaded Paper on the ipads, and gave thanks that all the drawing tools are free now, and made sure Skitch was also in place.
Then I grabbed 4 mostly dead plants from the staff lounge.  Thankfully each 2nd grade classroom also had a few plants or silt plants to sketch.  I did have to talk about the difference between representational drawing and imaginative drawing.