Tickle App Brings Blockly to Sphero!

If you have an Ipad and a Sphero, download this free app now.

Tickle brings the power of block-based programming to the world of connected toys and this is great news for teachers.  As a K-5 programming teacher, I want my students to study programming in a variety of contexts and Tickle puts programming in the middle of my classroom, flying through the air, rolling on the floor, even controlling the lights in the room.
Tickle is a powerful programming studio that lets students control robots using a visual language that is familiar to them.  Resembling Scratch, Hopscotch, and Blockly, Tickle is a quick start app for my students.    
I really enjoy seeing students develop a greater understanding of programming and the world around us as they experiment with robots, discover variables, or learn about the "magical" use of broadcast to launch a quad copter.
Tickle is brand new on the app store, so please give them some love, write a review, and connect with the Tickle team on social media.