Tuesday, February 25, 2014

NCCJDS Professional development day Jedcamp FAQ

NCCJDS Professional development day Jedcamp FAQ A great collection of folks answering some FAQ about NCCJDS Professional development day, Jedcamp Edition.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Do Ink Green Screen on iPad Walk through

This is a quick walk-through of how to use the Green Screen app by Do Ink.  We are going to start by clicking on the app:
 Next we begin a new project by clicking on the "+" in the upper right hand corner.
 This brings you to the compose window.  The layers are at the bottom of the screen.  You want to make sure your Camera with the green screen is in the top layer, so when you use the chroma filter to look through the layer you see the images UNDER it.
 Click the plus and add a camera, image or video.  You can use video pre-shot on a green screen also.

 In this picture you can see that the chroma filter is on and that is why the green screen is black in the main window and green in the preview window.  It is black because I have turned on the chroma filter without anything under it.  So the black you are seeing in the picture is actually the very fabric of the universe.

 Now with the image selected you can see the image of Wokka in the preview window.  When we select the video layer you can see the green screen in the preview window and the active green screen effect in the live view window.
 You can program and time the backgrounds just by using the timeline.  Here I have dropped in an illustration of a native America at about 6 seconds.

Looking for more? Check out this video walkthrough

Friday, February 21, 2014

Green Screen App by Do Ink

Green Screen App by Do Ink This is a walkthreough of the Green Screen App by Do Ink, starring Wokka, but not really

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Where I Am From poetry movie, format model

Where I Am From poetry movie, format model This is an example imovie for the fifth grade where I am poem project

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Using Venn Diagram App in First Grade to Sort Frogs from Toads

CLASS NOTES [Here is a lesson using the great Venn Diagram app by the international reading association from readwritethink.org.  I had the first graders partner up on an iPad to work together]

Today we are going to make a Venn Diagram with this app, But before we get started lets have Wokka Tell us what a Venn Diagram is.

You have a set of Frog and Toad facts, on a sheet that looks like this:

Open the Venn diagram app by clicking on the link

 Select a new user
 Include both partner names
select an avatar
click continue
 Name your diagram
 Double click the circle label to rename
 Click the label
 type the new name
 click the check mark
 Repeat for the other circle
 Click "New item"
 Type the first item from your list
 Move the item to the correct place on the diagram.
Add the rest of your list items, and place them on the diagram
 Save your work and email it to your teacher.  We will help you with the email address.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Wokka Explains Venn Diagrams

Wokka Explains Venn Diagrams Wokka is ready to talk about Venn diagrams with first grade tomorrow.

Dear Tech Committee, Green Screen Please

This post is a sales pitch directly to the tech committee.  I try to limit how much I ask for in regard to paid apps for the elementary iPad program.  The last one was the Puppet Pals director's cut app which has now been used by grades K,1 and 3.

This time I am asking for an app primarily for grades 5-8, but I know we will use it in K for a PSA project.  You may or may not know that the 8th grade has done some amazing work this year with greenscreen video, but we unfortunately started with the wrong app.  While many of the features of Touchcast were  great, the downfall was how hard it was to get videos out of the program.  Touchcast was a free app and the app I am requesting is $2.99 and the output saves directly to your camera roll.  Green Screen by Do Ink lets you load the photos into a timed background and see the green screen replacement live as you record it. Our students could then import the movie into imovie for final editing and production.

Green Screen technology is amazing for creating instructional videos and presentations.  If your students build a diorama they can use a green screen to walk inside their own diorama.   In this video below I used screen shots of the ipad app as the background.  All of the production of the video was done in the iPad, from record to publish.  The video is a review for Feedly, an Rss reader that allows you to read and share articles.

More about Green Screen in Edu

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wokka TechEDucator Promo

Wokka TechEDucator Promo Wokka gives the tech ed show a hand

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wokka Fails Forward on an App Review

Wokka Fails Forward on an App Review When making an app review, have all the pieces in place before you begin. Wokka comes into this one unprepared.

Structuring an Independent Study Around Code Academy

We are building capacity to teach coding and we have some students who are well ahead of our teachers. To try to keep them engaged in learning without over challenging our teachers we are developing an independent study module for Code academy. Does your school do this? how do they manage accountability?

The purpose of this independent study for online learning is to support and guide students as they learn to program in a language of their choice from the CodeAcademy.com website.

Each language has a family of lessons and tutorials.  For Example.  If the student chooses Java, there are 15 modules.
  • A student enrolling in this program would need to select the language they will learn and look over the modules.  
  • The student must also set a goal of how many modules they will complete in the course of the term of the elective.  
  • The goal should be ambitious but not impossible, if the goal needs adjustment during the term the student will have to get the adjustment approved by the supervising instructor.
  • If the supervising instructor sees a need she may meet with the student and adjust the stated goals upward or downward.
  • The student will create a profile on Codeacademy.com to track and share their progress with the supervising teacher.
  • To apply for this elective the student must complete the Independent Learning Elective contract.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marshmallow Challenge, Grade One

Marshmallow Challenge, Grade One The Marshmallow Challenge is a great skill and team building activity for any age.

Create and Share a Google Doc on Ipad

Create and Share a Google Doc on Ipad This short video walks you through creating and sharing a google doc on the ipad

Google Doodle Competition Lesson One

You know about google Doodles, but have you ever made one?  Doodle 4 google is a competition that allows students to create a google doodle and the winner gets featured on Google!

Inspiration: A google Doodle Channel on YouTube

Imagine: getting your brain moving for creative expression. #likeadoodler


We are going to do some reverse brainstorming, an idea I am borrowing from Google's suggested lessons
1.We will be brainstorming in groups of 3. 
2. a Group Leader will be selectedf to create a shared google Doc.  
3.Title the Doc: ReverseBrainstorming7AYourName.  Share it with you group members and me.  Not sure how? Watch this screencast.

4. In the doc brainstorm a long list of ideas that can make the world worse.  You have a limited amount of time, so let's get writing.


We will be sharing control of the apple TV to share out, choose one person in your group to be prepared to share!


Using the bad ideas we just cultivated can you flip the image and think of how the REVERSE of a bad idea could be a great thing for humanity?
1. Open a doc of your own, share it with me, and list 5-8 ideas that could make the world better

Now you need to begin the work of designing a Doodle that shares and celebrates the idea you like best. You can download the PDF of the official entry form here.  You can print it out and work by hand, or import the PDF into a drawing program like brushes 

Link to Resource Document in Evernote

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Creative Commons Images from Google into MSWord

There will be many time when you want to find an image from the Internet, and save it to a word document.  It might be for an assignment, to make a flyer, or to create a newspaper with your friends.
Whenever you are using an image from the internet you want to make sure you have permission to use the image.  If you took the image or you know the person who took the image, and they say it is ok to use the image in your work your are covered, just be sure to give them credit.  There are millions of images online by people you will never meet, and you can use SOME of these images.  Let's take a look at the advanced google image search tools to see how this works.

Once you have your image saved to "My pictures" let's import it into Word, resize it and adjust the layout.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Add and Format an Image in MS Word

Add and Format an image in MS Word This video walkthough shows you how to add and format an image in MS Word.

Using Google To Find Creative Commons Pics

Using Google To Find Creative Commons Pics It can be tricky to find images you are ALLOWED to use online. This video is a quick walk though of google advanced image search. By the end of the video you should know how to filter your image search by usage rights.

Creating a Blogger Page to Use in Class

Creating a Blogger Page to Use in Class This is a guide to how and why to create a Blogger page to use in class. The key words are access and differentiation. By putting all of the class instructions and resources in the same place you streamline the process for kids and support learners that need instructions in from of them in multiple forms.

Blogger in Class, Set up and First Post

I am pretty excited that we finally have the Chrome browser up and running, and we have gotten the firewall issues around Blogger resolved.  I have been using blogger as a teacher for 3 years now and I am glad to have it back as a teaching tool.
When working with a connected class it can be a real benefit to have all of your class content in one spot. Navigating from site to site takes time and creates opportunity for students to become distracted.  Blogger is one of the tools I use to guide my lesson.  I can embed the content we are talking about in the page with the instructions.  I can link documents or forms to the page, even include screenshots for step by step instruction.
Step One Set Up a Private Class Blog

Step Two, Build a Post

ThingLink for Education on Blogger

What does Thing Link allow you to do?  You can create images with mapped hotspots, and share those images vis URL of embed code.  I created 2 links on the image below.  One to a video and one to a website that sells hats.

Here is a great example of a Thing Link to support student learning.

When setting up your account, be sure to select Think Link EDU, I think this is how you avoid using Facebook or Twitter to sign up.

Linking Blogger and Thing Link.

Once you have created a thing Link log in you can create annotated images directly from your Blogger page.  Once you set this up it will become part of your blogger page and you will not have to set it up again.
1. Beginning In Thing Link, you want to connect Think Link to your Blogger blog.

I added links to the image below after it was published to the blog.

The links were easy to find

and then I just clicked on the image to add the hot spots #simple 

Setting up a Class Blogger with GAfE

Setting up a Class Blogger with GAfE A walkthrough for setting up a private class Blogger page. Step one, blog creation and privacy settings.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Blogger App for Teachers with Bongo

The Blogger App for Teachers with Bongo Bongo from the Edu Puppets gives a brief preview of the Blogger App on iOs

Programming Games in 2nd Grade with Hopscotch

This lesson owes a debt of gratitude to Wes Fryer, his book of Hopscotch Challenges has made this lesson possible.  Get it here.

We have use Hopscotch to create shapes and drawings.  Today I want you to create a game.  Let's get started.

Start a New File in Hopscotch

Setting up Tilt Control

Now to Set up Another Character.

A large repeat loop keeps the character moving

Using the random operators will keep the game interesting 

Degrees goes from 1-360 

Setting up a Collision Rule