Texting and Blogging in Education

PATUE TEXTING and blogging in education
This iPad case has a BT keyboard,
should work w/ iPhone
Can those words and ideas even be in the same sentence?  I am sure that there are many logical arguments against using cell phones in class.
Here's the thing.  All my kids have their phone, everyday.

  • My students don't leave their cell phone at their mother's house during the week they are staying with their father.  
  • My students don't lose their phone for 3 weeks because someone moved it.  
I think you get the picture.  In my school, phone ownership is universal and there are a growing number of smart phones.
patue texting and blogging in education
Yep, the journal prompt was
Why would English class live-stream?
Our school cell phone policy is that no phones can be out during class.  My students use their phones to take pictures of the white board so I can post the journal prompt I wrote by hand on the class blog
One of my students does all of his writing on his iPhone.  I am going to see if I can get him to use a bluetooth keyboard.  His sentences are short and his paragraphs are small, but his ideas don't look underdeveloped on his iPhone.  I am hoping that the keyboard allows him to use the other half of the screen and maybe his writing will get twice as long.
I think I might be showing my hand already.

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